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The mic preamps developed by dbx are so widely used and respected by sound engineers that the name of one of our most popular preamps – the 286 – has become a universally used term that means “mic preamp.” Our mic pre’s set the standard in the broadcast and studio worlds by providing sound engineers. 05/02/41 · I decided that it would be better to tweak the signal going in and not have to do any post-processing of the vocal track after the screen captures, so that's where the dbx 286s enters the picture. The main signal path is a Shure SM58 with a windscreen and pop filter going into the dbx 286s and then into a Focusrite 2i2 interface. The dbx 286s microphone processor is a direct replacement for the renowned dbx 286A, offering the same exceptional sound quality, rugged reliability and great value, but updated with a new sleek, silver face plate and the latest electronic components for even better performance. The 286s from dbx is a full featured channel strip that includes a studio quality microphone/instrument preamplifier, and four processors that can be used independently or in any combination. The hassle of patching together multiple processors for use on one track can be frustrating. The unit delivers the entire microphone processing chain needed in a single box, with the shortest, cleanest.

The dbx Mic Preamp and Five processors can be used independently or in any combination. Why mic up vocals and instruments through a noisy, blurry mixer?. The dbx 286s's sonically pristine Mic Preamp has all the features you need including wide-ranging input gain control, switchable 48V phantom power and an 80Hz high-pass filter. Rating and Reviews: dbx 286S Microphone Pre. Set it, forget it, and record better vocals! This do-it-all mic preamp/channel strip gives you dbx compression, expander/gate, de-esser and "enhancer" EQ.

Dbx 286s Quick Manual. Download Manual of dbx 286s Amplifier, Processor for Free or View it Online on All 20/08/38 · The dbx® 286A's full complement of metering and status LEDs visually guide you to achieving the right sound. The floating balanced XLR mic input accepts balanced or unbalanced inputs. An additional 14" TRS phone jack can accept balanced/ unbalanced line signals to process live electronic instruments or pre-recorded tracks at mixdown. 29/09/39 · DBX 286S Microphone Processor. Did you know that most commercial radio stations use compression and audio processing? They do this to add larger volume and quality to their shows, which gives presenters added presence to their voice. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION If you want to dispose this product, do not mix it with general household waste. There is a separate collection system.

The DBX 286s provides plenty of gain and phantom power to my mic, but the standout feature is the expander gate. Background echo/mic hiss is greatly reduced and now my raw audio isn't horrible, which means it's good enough for livestreams. I'm nitpicky and still do some minor editing in Audacity for pre-recorded videos, but live webinars and.

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